Die Datenretter - CONVAR™ / 66953 Pirmasens / Massachusetts Avenue 4600 / Germany
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  • UK
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +44 1634 91 00 91
  • Austria
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +43 720 880 299
  • Germany
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. 06331 268 268
  • Switzerland
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +41 43 508 0744
  • France
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +33 97 518 0515
  • The Netherlands
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +31 20 808 3100
  • All other countries
    Tel. +49 6331 268 268
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TIP: Data recovery from hard drives from Japan's earthquake zone.

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Take a look behind the scenes ...

There have been quite a few TV reports made covering our Data Recovery Centre in Pirmasens, Germany. We would like to share with you two of these reports which will give you a small glimpse behind the scenes in our Data Recovery Centre.

  • This is CONVAR !

    Click here to view a video that presents you with quick and exciting tour of the various divisions of CONVAR. A fast-paced trip through a company that has it all.

  • Mission: Hard Disk...

    This video was broadcasted on 04/05/2005 from the channel "ARD" in the documentary feature of the science magazine "W Wie Wissen". The video showed the way the forensic team from "CONVAR - Die Datenretter" works.

  • Hold your fire...

    A film crew from Planetopia , a German technical knowledge magazine, visited "CONVAR - Die Datenretter" in their labs which are based in Pirmasens (Germany). The team from "Planetopia" were allowed to film the Convar recovery specialists during their work.

  • X-File: World Trade Center...

    In Heute Journal, the ZDF news programme of 11 March 2002, there was a report on the recovery of data from hard disks from the World Trade Center in our modern Data Recovery Center at Pirmasens (Rheinland-Pfalz).

  • From out the ruins...

    In the Galileo item of 16 January 2002, you can see the various steps required to recover the data from one of the damaged hard disks from the World Trade Center. The data from this hard disk were 100% recovered.

  • ARD (RP) Report

    The ARD report gives a short insight into the expiries of a data rescue. The excellent photographs of the hard disk inside are especially worth mentioning. You can recognize flat piles and heads in this report very well. You also receive the first insight into the security of our security area.

  • CONVAR - The Recovery Team...

    This report made by PRO7, a German cable and satellite network, is the live coverage of a data recovery in our Data Recovery Centre from the perspective of the customer. The "The Recovery Team" report includes interviews with this customer from a company around the Frankfurt area.


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