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You can send a notification for your data recovery case through our ema Internet information system. With this system you have access to the current status of your data recovery through the Internet, by email and now even SMS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! →  NEW application
  • UK
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +44 1634 91 00 91
  • Austria
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +43 720 880 299
  • Germany
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. 06331 268 268
  • Switzerland
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +41 43 508 0744
  • France
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +33 97 518 0515
  • The Netherlands
    CONVAR Service Center
    Tel. +31 20 808 3100
  • All other countries
    Tel. +49 6331 268 268
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How do I work with ema?

ema will connect you to a "SECURED" emaserver. A secured "SERVER" is a standardised system which is also used in banks and online shopping.

More about the security aspects of emaunder the menu option
→  How secure is ema

ema opens a new "BROWSER WINDOW" in which a notification form appears.

Just simply fill out this form. You can jump to any field by clicking on the field with your mouse. You can continue on to the next field by using the TAB button on your keyboard. After you have made all your entries, just click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the form. ema will check your data and will then inform you of your ema JOB number. Please include this ema JOB number on the delivery note. If you write the ema JOB number on the outside of the package, then you can be assured that your data recovery case will be processed as soon as possible.

Through the menu option "CHECK RECO STATUS" you arrive once again on a "Secured" ema server. After you have entered the ema JOB number for identification purposes, a new mask will appear you will see the following information:

Whenever the CONVAR data recovery experts start a new work phase you will be able to review this ONLINE in real time.

ema does not display any confidential company data at any time. In the menu option "How secure is ema" you can get further security information on ema.

ema lets you track the whereabouts of your data even after it has left our service center. By using the tracking number given in ema, you will be able to retrieve the current package status online.

If you would like to see what kind of information is displayed for you in the "CHECK RECO STATUS" then just click on the ema sample number below.

ema will then display TEST data. Should you have any further questions pertaining to ema, then please direct them to our Data Recovery Support Team per →  Email or by telephone at
+49 (0)6331 268 168


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