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DLT Tapes

Most of the problems which occur by DLT backups can be traced to incorrectly configured back up software or user error.

DLT technology (Digital Linear Tape) is a linear recording process i.e. the tracks are recorded parallel to the tape edge. Linear recording drastically reduces the danger of de-alignment. In comparison to DAT technology, DLT drives are many times more reliable. This higher reliability (security) is reflected in the price of DLT tape drives and media.

The DLT tape has a width of 1/2" and can be up to 560m long. Of all tape technology available today, the DLT tape has the largest writable tape surface and is one of the fastest and most reliable systems for data back up and data exchange.

The tapes have a long life span thanks to the simple tape guide. It is possible to archive data for up to 30 years with DLT media. They are also read and write backwards compatible for all DLT recording standards. high capacity - up to 80 GB compromised per tape.

  • high reliability
  • very fast data transfer - up to 6 MB per second
  • comprehensive software support
  • DLT autoloader systems for backing up capacities of >80 GB

The most common reasons for the need of data recovery on a DLT drive is mechanical tape damage, incorrectly configured back up software or accidental overwriting of the tape by the user.


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