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TIP: Data recovery from hard drives from Japan's earthquake zone.

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Defective heads...

The read / write heads of a hard drive fly over the drive surface with a speed of up to 340 km/h.

Defective heads can, as a rule, be very quickly and easily diagnosed. The drive' logic initialises the read & write heads after the motor has reached the correct number of rotations. If they do not give the expected "READY" signal, the logic repeats this process again and again. This goes on until it receives a time-out (exceeding the time limit - ca. 2 - 5 seconds).

In the picture on the top you see the read/write head of a hard drive as it appears under an electron microscope.

This constant positioning sounds like a "click clack". To make it easy, we have prepared for you a → Sound file with the typical clicking noise. If your hard drive should start making a scraping, metallic noise → (Sound File), this could lead to a → Headcrash.This noise happens whenever the read/write heads slide over the damaged surface of the hard drive.

If your hard drive should sound like this, you should not continue further. Contact our recovery team. Recovery programs cannot help you in this case because you do not have physical access to the drive anymore.


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